Apple: "Nearly 90% Of 'Genuine' iPhone Chargers On Amazon Are Counterfeit"

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Jim Rogers

According to a recent Forbes article, Apple purchased over 100 iPhone lightning cables listed as "genuine" and determined that 90% of them, were FAKE.

Can FAKE iPhone Cables DESTROY Your Phone? Apple says using counterfeit power adapters could result in safety issues.

They may even catch your phone on fire.

Unfortunately, the use of fake adapters voids your warranty, so if your phone breaks while using these counterfeit cables, your warranty will be void and you’ll have to pay to replace your phone.

How can you tell a fake from the real thing?

The photo above shows a MFI certified chip reader testing a counterfeit cable on the left, and a real, certified by Apple cable, on the right.

Notice how the counterfeit cable is listed as a copycat in red and the real MFI certified by Apple cable says Original in green?

Besides using a $200 MFI chip tester machine, the best way to tell is by common sense.

We’ve all used the phrase, "you get what you pay for", and this especially holds true with charging cables.

The microchips used in authentic iPhone cables are extremely high quality and cost 6X more money to manufacture compared to counterfeit chips.

If a charging cable costs under $20 you should be skeptical because that doesn’t leave a lot of room for a company to make a profit.

You invested $700 to well over $1000 for your iPhone, so it makes sense to protect that investment with a high quality cable.

Not All Apple Certified Cables Are Created Equal.

Yes, all Apple certified cables are safe to use but as you probably already know that doesn’t mean they won’t break. And at $20+ for an authentic cable you can easily spend over a $100 a year if you're having to replace them every other month or so.

It’s important to choose a cable that’s built for abuse so it will last you as long as your phone.

We recommend LuXvar charging cables (tested above) because they’re by far the strongest cables on the market and come with a lifetime warranty. You can try them out here.

As illustrated above LuXvar charging cables have the most robust strain relief we’ve ever seen on a cable and are rated to withstand a staggering 40,000 bends without breaking. 40,000 bends is more than you’d bend a cable using it every day for 20 years.

Not only are LuXvar cables the most durable cable on the market, but they’re also fast charge compatible.

Because LuXvar is one of the fastest growing charging companies in the USA, they often sell out of cables. You can check availability by going here.